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the old tunes + site still available 'til we've finished le nu one - just clik le little rappeur

The post graduate pool is a specialsed resource website for advanced students studying Professional Sound , Media and Sound for Film Production.

pGp is allied to a commercial production unit known as Hit Music Producer [ sometimes known as just Hit Music ]. Current work at hitmusicproducer.com has very much focused on extremely hot Rap music , hot in the sense that the mixes sound very hot indeed! HitMusicProducer use a modified Amek desk , a lot of outboard analog gear and vintage Sennheiser mics to create a unique winning sound. Hitmusicproducer.com is currently working on albums for artists: JUNEM [ unique britrap flavour ] and quasi commnercial britrap band DIVINE TYRANNY. These projects are showing so much promise that the umbrella holding company for all these activities: Spiral Media Productions [ spiralmediaproductions.co.uk] is launching a record company specifically for these ventures.... Brit Rap Records Ltd

The above latest activities are all good reasons why you should be studying with pGp! Email us to find out more! contact@hitmusicproducer.com

clik ze rapper!

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thousand words...
is worth a

great studios for RAP & ROCK, the staff are well in to creating NEW loops and compose music to match YOUR lyrics, able to do stuff online too.... www.hitmusicproducer.com

wanna learn about music production?...you really must check this out: www.swatcentres.co.uk

looking for studio gear? www.larkingslist.com

Do you think you're talented? Wanna be discovered? clik here and start your career!... www.britraprecords.com

what do Jun-em , I-CON , Rosetta Stone and Robin du Bois Perdu all have in common? They all make music at Brit Rap Records Ltd check it out,,,, www.britraprecords.com

New to BritRap records... I-CON hear him fronting Blue Earth Screwin'

Attention les francais! BritRap francaischez www.britraprecords.com

rap Quebequois chez britrap www.britraprecords.com

L.A. Britrap www.britraprecords.com rapperswww.britraprecords.com

Rosetta Stone uncovers real BritRap www.britraprecords.com

Rap Francais chez www.britraprecords.com

Possible Directorship
South West UK Applicants will have a solid background in sound engineering/music technology and be confident enough in their work to be looking to set themselves up as a self-employed trainer. Please contact us by email for more information on this opportunity www.hitmusicproducer.com

music technology teacher looking for job opportunities? Would you like to run your own training centre? Contact www.hitmusicproducer.com

would you like to be a music technology teaching in an environment outside school? Contact www.hitmusicproducer.com

are you a teacher or head of department looking for your own College? see www.universalsounddesign.co.uk

have a music studio and your own freehold property in south west uk. contact www.totallyanalogmusicrecording.co.uk

opportunity to move out of London and teach in the westcountry www.filmsoundtrack.org.uk

become an independent trainer in music technology www.soundforfilm.co.uk

composer dream home, freehold, near sea, studios www.surroundmixing.org.uk

business opportunity in sound production and music technology www.surroundsoundproduction.co.uk



learn sound from professionals! www.learnsoundengineering.co

BritRap is now managed by SMP Ltd
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